Why You Should not believe everything You See on Social Media.


Many users just post their ideal moments on social media, making a deception that they have a perfect life personally, socially & professionally. Nobody's life is perfect, regardless of what they show social media.

Users like posting pictures, writing captions that aren't actually true however that isn't what they actually are in real.

Why users on social media share? 

Its OK, if your real life is completely imperfect, messy and full of problems. Try not to fall into the snare of letting others' social media feeds make you feel, you're life is mediocre and everyone else's life is superior to yours.

It will in general encourage grudges among some buddies, partners and colleagues and may complicate life. 

Please keep in mind that whatever you see on social media does not reflect even a bit of your day to day life. Let social media be a spot of inspiration and don’t evaluate your self to anybody.

So, stop comparing yourself with others and keep in mind, that you're exactly where you are supposed to be.

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