The Secret To A Happy, Stress-Free Life : The Feng Shui & Vastu Shastra Tortoise

Burst with Arrow

This wonderful masterpiece acts an ideal enhancer for wealth,  prosperity, peace, good fortune and strength. Tortoise made from pure  crystals ought to be positioned in North West direction.


The tortoise additionally represents longevity – because it strikes slowly and lives for an extended interval of age. A tortoise not solely protects, or improve, but in addition helps within  the grounding of power thus giving a steady profession, well being, and  prosperity to the possessor.


– Tortoise draws in constructive power and great energies; putting it  in the room can assist you with resting calmly. Placing it close to the  bed head helps eliminate a wide range of nerves.  – In the event that your child is experiencing issues dozing alone, you can keep it close to their bed.


– It attracts peacefulness, flourishing, wealth, favorable luck, and strength. – Place the tortoise on the entryway/primary entrance to guard your property from adverse power. The karma will be upgraded assuming the tortoise is set in the north-west corner of your home.


Weekdays corresponding to Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, are  thought-about to be the most effective days to position tortoise  figurines in the home. You may also select the auspicious time based on  the Panchang or seek the advice of the native priest.

On Which Day?

Its highly effective vibrations lets you  eliminate all money owed and attracts monetary positive aspects. Its mystical and undetectable waves assists with disposing of all the medical issues.