Ozone Hole the Size of Texas Found Over Antarctica

The Ozone Hole is an area in the ozone layer where the amount of ozone is reduced or so that harmful radiation from the sun can pass through it

What is Ozone Hole?

Scientists have found an enormous new hole within the ozone layer. 

An ozone hole, seven times larger than the Antarctic ozone hole, is  currently sitting over tropical regions and has been since the 1980s,  according to Qing-Bin Lu, a researcher from the  University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, who made the discovery.

The information showcased by Lu’s discovery corresponds nicely with the cosmic-ray-driven electron response (CRE) model. This model strongly signifies that there are an identical mechanisms working behind each brand new hole within the ozone layer, in addition to the one discovered over the Antarctic.

Causes of an Ozone Hole

"The depletion of the ozone layer can lead to increased ground-level UV  radiation, which can increase risk of skin cancer and cataracts in  humans, as well as weaken human immune systems, decrease agricultural  productivity, and negatively affect sensitive aquatic organisms and  ecosystems.” says Qing-Bin Lu

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